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Birthday Wishes for Mother | Happy Birthday Wishes for Mom


Birthday Wishes For Mother: It’s time for your mother’s birthday. There is no way to repay a mother’s contribution to her children and all you can just love her unconditionally.

You can show your love and care to your mother and make her more happy by sending birthday wishes for mother and happy birthday wishes for mother on her special day.

Your mother deserves the best birthday wishes from you and that’s a great chance to make a little contribution for all her sacrifices she’s made for you through birthday wishes for mother and happy birthday wishes for mother. You may check our compilation which is full of best birthday wishes for mother along with sweet, cute, funny and emotional words for mother.

Birthday wishes for mother

You are an angel for me,

A gift of God to me.

birthday wishes for mother
birthday wishes for mother

The way you gave me unconscious love

Breaking every bond, In my heart too

I have the same respect and love for you.

You are my prize.

You are the most

special in things I have.

I pray this birthday is for you

Bring a treasure of happiness.

The way in the flower

Fragrance looks good

Like that

My mom looks good.

happy birthday wishes for mother
happy birthday wishes for mother

Thousands of lamps

should decorate an aarti

Thousands of drops

need to make the sea,

But “mother” alone is enough,

To make the life of

children a paradise.

Your love is my hope,

Your love is my faith

And your love is my world.

I can forget the whole world

Mother but do not forget that love

Which you have rained on me.

I love you so much.

happy birthday wishes for mother
happy birthday wishes for mother

Today, on this beautiful day,

I pray this

That your tomorrow

is filled with happiness.

I pray on this holy day

That the sweetness of

happiness in your

life will be filled,

You are happy with

happiness all your life.

Know the things of the

mind that read from the eyes

Identify the tears of

happiness as well as pain

The person who is unbidden

love is the only mother.

birthday wishes for mother
birthday wishes for mother

You know why love is dark

because of your parents

Started to love you without

seeing your face.

Someone said to do good deeds

then heaven will get

I say I serve my parents

and I will get heaven.

Whatever I am or I hope to have,

its credit goes to my

mother and father only.

birthday wishes for mother
birthday wishes for mother

God cannot be everywhere

so he made a mother.

Only the mother can love

in this world without any selfishness.

Happy birthday wishes for mother

I did not even come here

to break someone’s heart.

I love doing what

I have learned from my mother.

happy birthday wishes for mother
happy birthday wishes for mother

When there are four pieces

of one bread and five eaters,

then I am not hungry,

it is a person to say – mother.

Who says that God is one?

My mother is also there.

My mother’s hand is

the highest in my upbringing,

so still, there is still

living in my childhood.

happy birthday wishes for mom
happy birthday wishes for mom

This is the most comfortable

traveler on the hard roads 

It seems to me the

influence of the mother.

I got an opportunity to

grow up with a mother

who taught me to believe in myself.

Birthday Wishes For Father

Chanda asked the stars,

the stars asked thousands of 

who is the most lovable?

Papa my papa.

happy birthday wishes for mom
happy birthday wishes for mom

Kept me in the shade,

burning himself in the sun,

I have seen such

an angel as my father.

The dreams were mine but

the way to fulfill them was

being shown to another

and that was my father.

Everything in the market is available,

not just the parents’ love.

birthday wishes for mom
birthday wishes for mom

The father is like a neem tree,

even if the leaves are bitter

but it cools the shade.

My courage, my honor,

my honor is Father,

My strength, my capital,

my identity is Father.

Some people’s love never changes,

they are called mothers.

happy birthday wishes
happy birthday wishes

If there is a right dress in

life then it is called nature,

If you are a colorful friend,

then it is called Paradise,

If Hassan is Humsafar,

then it is called Love,

And if you have a father

like you in life then it is called luck.

My fame is due to my father.

The second form of God is the father.

Unlikely, in this world,

it is our pride that the

existence of a person is

the father’s first identity.

happy birthday wishes sms

We learned to walk

by holding fingers,

Relieved by giving your sleep,

We laughed at the tears of your tears,

Do not give any sorrow to God,

Take it, we have never heard of them.

The closest in the world’s crowd,

my father, my God, my destiny is that.

The world’s richest man is

also poor without his parents.

Even today, my plans do not diminish,

even in tightness,

Papa’s eyes are never moist.

happy birthday wishes sms

Those who are fortunate

are the father’s hand,

the stubbornness is fulfilled,

all the father is with them.

Every daughter has the most

significant distinction

that her father smiles.

Laughing you’re

always between crores

Blooming you are

always among millions

You are illuminated

forever among thousands

Like the sun remains

in the sky forever

I consider myself the

luckiest person in the world

Because I’m so worried

Troubleshooter and

You are present in the

form of a loving sinner

You are the best father

in the world.

happy birthday wishes for a friend

Never misunderstand his words

That there is a depth in all its words

Do not think its movements

will have trouble for you

For you, ‘Father’ has

settled in the heart of a world.

One thing must always

be remembered

Father’s position in life

is not less than the Lord

Father always keeps our attention

And selfless love.


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Do wish your mom and your love on her birthday using the Birthday Wishes for mother.

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