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This Are My Top 31 Thanksgiving Quotes Toward Friends & Relatives


When Ever it comes to showing a Graduated towards our Friends and Relatives in Party usually we get stuck.

Thanksgiving Quotes is one of the best ways of showing Your Love towards your friends.

so without wasting a time let see my Top Thanksgiving Quotes which I used to spread a love to my family and Friends. I am 100% sure you will love it:

Best Thanksgiving Quotes

If you cannot afford a prize,

you should say thank you. 

 thanks text message

I am thankful of all the people who

left me in the worst time

because they were confident that, 

I can deal alone with problems. 

 emotional thanksgiving messages

I was a piece of glass,

you only made me diamond.

Thank you for everything. 

 emotional thanksgiving messages

When life gives

second chance,

thank God for sure. 

 emotional thanksgiving messages

Every moment spent with you will

remember me throughout life.  

Thanks for being my friend 

 emotional thanksgiving messages

I’m very lucky to have

a life partner like you. 

 emotional thanksgiving messages

Thanks for giving me the courage to

see big dreams and kiss the sky. 

 thanks text message

Thanks for always supporting

me and guiding me. 

thanksgiving messages

 Thanks Giving Quotes Collections

Spend every single smile and live in life,

thank you for every happy moment,

because every happiness and every

smile depends on your thinking

how you think.

thanksgiving messages

There are many things

in my heart to tell you

which can be told in

just three words.  

Thanks for everything. 

 thanks text message

Thanks for giving me

a new opportunity

by trusting me. 

 thanks text message

I am very thankful

for you because

you never left my side when

I was going through

some emotional issues.  

 thanksgiving messages

Thank You Messages for Friends 


I’m fortunate that God

gave me friends like you.

Thank you for being

a part of my life. 

 thanks text message

Your friendship is my world

which is very different 

from this world,

and there is lot of

happiness in this world. 

 thanksgiving message to colleagues

I will never forget what

you have done for me.

Thank you for everything

you’ve done for me. 

 thanksgiving message to colleagues

You know me better than

I know myself.

Thank you for being my friend. 

 thanksgiving message to colleagues

There is no one like my

friends in this entire world,

my friends are my life and world. 

 thanksgiving message to colleagues

Thank You God Quotes and Messages 

I thank God every day that

he gave me someone like you.

 thanksgiving message to colleagues

Thank you god for giving me

fresh life at every morning. 

 thanksgiving message to god

Thank you God for everything that

happens every day in my life. 

 thanksgiving message to god

Thank you, dear God, for this good life,

and forgive us if we do not love it enough. 

Garrison Keillor 

thanksgiving message to god

Thanks Giving for Birthday

Thank you god for giving me wisdom,

bliss and all the good that has

happened in my life. 

 thanksgiving message to god

Thank You god for loving me,

please teach me to love and

serve others like you. 

 thanksgiving message to god

Thank you God for giving me life,

nice family and good friends who

make my life happy. 

 thanksgiving messages

I thank God for my failures.

Maybe not at the time

but after some reflection. 

I never feel like a failure

just because something

I tried has failed.  

-Dolly Parton  


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so I hope you enjoyed my collection of Thanksgiving quotes. Let me know which one you liked most, in the comment box. 

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