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31 Free Friendship Quotes & Best Friendship Images for Best Friend


Are you Looking for Friendship Quotes and Best Friendship quotes then you are at Right Place here we will share Best Friendship quotes for your friends. 

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Friendship Quotes

No moon is needed, no stars are needed, 

Who makes my day so special, such friends are needed. 

 Friendship Quotes

True friendships are like good health.

Its importance is realized only when we lose it. 

 Friendship Quotes

Walking in the dark with a friend is better ,

than walking alone in the light

 Friendship Quotes

Bad friends are like coal.

When the coal is heated,

it burns the hand and when it is cold,

then the hand blackens. 

 Friendship Quotes

A true friend does not obstruct your way while you

are not going on the wrong path. 

 Friendship Quotes

Friends and courtesies will take you there where

wealth will not be taken. 

Friendship Quotes

Friends should be like a mirror and shadow,

because the mirror never lies and the shadows

never leave. 

Friendship Quotes

When you are successful in life,

then your friends know who you are.

When you fail in life then you know who your

friends are. 

 Friendship Quotes

Be honest with your work, your statement and your


 Friendship Images

Honest friends are like the bright,

beautiful and valuable diamonds that always live in


 Friendship Images

Friendship is due to heart,

so honesty in this relationship is more than other


 Friendship Images

Books are a good friend, they have to learn a lot of

things at every step of life. 

 Friendship Images

We are born with all other relationships,

but friendship is the only relationship we make


 Friendship Images

It is very difficult to find true friends,

I am surprised myself how did you guys find me.

 Friendship Images


Quotes on Friendship

True friends never let us fall, neither in the eyes

nor in anyone’s steps. 

 Friendship Images

Friendship is bad or good it doesn’t matter but

friendship should be true. 

 Friendship Quotes

Friendship means,  

one loving heart that never hates 

one Smile that does not fade 

one feeling who never saddles 

one relationship which never ends.  

Friendship Quotes

 Friendship Images

Friendship is that which works like a mirror for you. 

 Friendship Images

Friendship is a soul living in two bodies. 

 Friendship Quotes

When you find you find lost friends,

not changed friends. 

 Friendship Images

We keep time to stay with friends not to keep

friends to spend time. 

 Friendship Images

Friends are near the heart, so friends are special. 

 Friendship Quotes

Best Friendship Images

Friendship Images

Who is a friend of all, he is not a friend of anyone. 

 Friendship Quotes

I do not have any friends, all of them are pieces of

my heart. 


There is some sweet coolness in these winds,

maybe the room of memories of friends has been

left open. 

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