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Attitude Quotes For Girls and Boys – Best Attitude Status Images & Wallpapers


Attitude quotes

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Attitude quotes

The horrors of false pride flutter more,

the sound of the buzz is never heard.


We are at that height,

where is our feet on a higher

elevation than your head.

attitude quotes images

The lion is called a king by its power

because there is no election in the jungle.


I do not ever smoke cigarettes,

but ask every incoming person

that you have a match?

There is a lot that I want to blow.


We also see the animosity of the enemy

and leave the children and break the elders.

Attitude Quotes HD Images for Girls

If you are so proud of power,

then we have the skill to

turn the planks back.

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The house says that I am innocent,

but who should explain to them

that “Gangadhar” is “Shaktiman.”


Do not talk about octane,

we run the internet on the main balance.


Nowadays, those people

who have become an admin on WhatsApp

used to make two two-hour cocks

in school time.


Someone may kill me by defeating me,

but I do not give any chance to deceit.

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Do not ask the extent of our guilt,

we keep the mirror on

the ground and crush the sky.


I do not want to be famous you recognize

me that just enough is enough.


Discussions belong to them, whose mood is different.

Attitude Quotes HD Wallpaper For Boys

There is no such thing as a sculpture

we see and it is not complete.

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Be so big that no one should sit while you stand.


What happened that you loved your mother,

we too have a father’s kingdom.


Life is like a cigarette, enjoy it,

otherwise, it is auspicious,

it will end anyway.


No matter how much donkey imports the soap,

it does not become a horse.

attitude quotes images

A girl comes and says,

I have to meet you,

I said take this token

and take it on line.


If life is rude, then what happened,

because I am a dude.


On the day when they pray for

my good fortune on that day,

the Gold Flak also breaks in the pocket.


Let’s scatter the life, there is also a limit to handle.

attitude quotes in english

Will pass on the day of trouble,

today who laughs at me,

they will be watching me tomorrow.


Sometimes, there is something

to lose in order to win,

and people who win by defeats,

people are called baazigars.


Why do we trust on others,

while we have to walk on our own feet.


Do not talk about being happy,

happiness itself comes to teach us to smile.

attitude quotes in english

The brain says it will be killed but

the heart says it will be seen.


You can take Degree from any college,

but you will get the knowledge of my status only.


We do not give abuse to anyone in free,

Smile is very distant.


Attitude is from childhood when I was born,

I did not talk to one and a half years.

attitude quotes in english

We are not those who salute the world,

we are those who greet the world.


He is telling me the way to live life,

whose form is not equal to my attitude.


My friends say that all your

Status is a 1 number,

I said that I have never done

the work of two numbers.

Attitude Quotes in English

We are the ocean, let us keep silent,

otherwise, the city will drown.

attitude quotes in english

Whether you have a heart or

minister’s resignation,

I am asking for it for a long time

but you are not giving.


Do not think so much about me,

I’m in the heart, not in the mind.


Enemies are too many sinners for them,

only we alone are enough.


Then we will show you the time to come

to the city you bought, we will rule over it.

attitude quotes in english

I do not drink to die, I die for drinking.


You questions we answer you brick so we stone.


I am a small question and the world

says no answer to you.


When the time comes together,

the hostess defeats everyone.

attitude quotes

The crowd was so good that in

my neighborhood I used to speak

the truth then the people got up.


Those who lose in the first love,

they become amazing in another love.


Do not speak by saying,

because people do not listen,

they like to watch.


Locking in cages does not make

the lion growl.When the lion comes out,

the hunter itself becomes a victim.

attitude quotes

The asses wait for the order,

Lion works according to Situation.


What do you talk about drinking?

Sometimes we used to drink,

As you are sitting in the jam,

The more we used to have left in scale.


We are those arrows that cut the

Himalayas Can change your way,

Someone with us or not,

We can shake the world alone.

Attitude Quotes for Instagram & FB Stories

Suppose I have no doubt about luck,

Still no teachings, no gum,

They were alive and were being saved,

Unconscious is he who has no luck in us.

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If you forgot about him,

what did you do?

If you have breath,

Write your love story on stones,

And speaking to the Ocean,

If you have it, erase it and show it.


Fire is not in my power.

What can I do If people

burn with my simplicity.


Who says we die without him

We are going to fall into the sea.

He will go crazy for a drop of love

We will rain on anyone else’s love of clouds.

If I care about defeat, then I will stop winning,

But “victory” is my insistence,

and I am the king of insistence.

attitude quotes

No King, I’m Tiger,

That’s why people meet me,

not with respect,

but with my permission.


The agony of the crocodile and the

strangulation of Rajputs is tremendous.


You have to be sensible to understand me.


Whatever you will find regardless

of the respect or deception.


Some people are not even worthy of

being dishonest, even if they are respected.

attitude quotes

See yourself and then judge others.


Good grief is good with the happiness of the bail.

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