Love Quotes and Love messages

Making your partner feel that how much they value for you naturally becomes easy when you are truly and madly in love with your partner. Your affectionateness towards your partner might not solely be shown through pricy dinners or gifts.

There is a number of ways by which you can make your partner feel that how much you are happy to have him/her in your life. One easy thanks for showing him what value he has in your life is by sending love quotes to your partner.

The best and the worst thing about love is you cannot express it in simple words. But as we are ready to help you with that here is the collection of some best Love quotes and love messages which will help you to show your partner how much you care for them.

So do use these love quotes to show your love to your partner.

Love Quotes and Love messages

When you meet your

true love You’ll feel it.

Same is that the case with me

 I meet you and my heart 

is feel You are mine. 

inspirational love quotes

I was created for you.

I used to be born for you.

I like you with all my soul.  

You gave me sunshine, 

after I had solely rain. 

You brought me happiness 

after I solely knew pain. 

You gave me lightweight, 

once darkness stuffed my world. 

There is nothing I’d rather have. 

Than you beside me right here,

And the moment that you

simply come to me,

I’ll be yours forever, my dear.  

Between the million days passed

and million days can return,

there is just one these days and that

I never need to let it pass

while not telling you that.

I Love You  

Sometime I miss you.

Sometime I kiss you but

one thing I always do is

“I love you.”  

Close your eyes and feel the air.

I will be always with you in that air. 

Love Quotes For Him

God picked up a flower. 

Diped it in a dew 

“lovingly touched it,

that turned into you. 

God gave it to me and said

it’s your love of your life. 

Always keep it fresh. 

Whenever I am alone 

“I miss you.” 

Wheneveri am with you 

“I Kiss you.” 

I don’t know about you but

one thing for sure that 

“I Love you.”  

Miss me or kiss me 

Love me or ditch me 

But don’t leave me 

“I love you”  

One thing I will never do 

“I will not lie to you.” 

One thing I will always do 

“I love you.”  

Everyone says that

” A Lion fell in love with a lamb” 

But I say that

” I fell in love with a lioness”  

love quotes for him

Why you are coming in a dream? 

Why you are coming in my plans? 

Why you are coming in my every thoughts? 

Do one thing come in my

life and love me like I do. 

I love you.  

I can win against everyone except you 

You know why? 

Because you complete me in my life. 

So I cant leave without you. 

If I am a playboy, 

Then you are playgirl. 

If I am superman, 

Then you are my wonder woman. 

If I play with “11” 

To chalti hai kya 9 se 12.   

I – you 

L – you 

O- you 

V –  you 

E – you 

U – you 

Now you will ask me where I am, 

Then I will tell you that, 

In – you.  

Sometimes I can be angry with you, 

Sometimes I may not talk to you, 

Sometimes I can lie on you, 

But I will never cheat on you, 

The one thing you can do on me, 

You can trust me. 

I love you. 

Back to life, 

Back to work, 

Back to plans, 

Back on the path of success, 

Because I have to come back to you. 

Quotes On Love

I fight with you, 

I share to you, 

I lie in front of you, 

I work in the dreams of you, 

I study with you, 

I spend quality time with you, 

So tell me how I can live without you, 

Because I love you.  

heart touching quotes
heart touching quotes

Loving somebody 

who doesn’t love you in return…

is like making an attempt to

fly with a broken wing. 

When you take care of somebody 

over they be,

you get hurt over you be.

Nothing hurts quite realizing

he meant everything to you, 

however you meant

nothing to him. 

Sometimes it’s higher to stay 

silent than to inform 

others what you are feeling

because it hurts badly after

you come back to grasp that. 

There is only one

happiness in this life, 

To love and to be loved.  

love quotes for her

Being deeply loved by someone, 

Gives you strength. 

Loving someone deeply, 

Gives you courage. 

If you want to understand “true love” 

Make your partners happiness

more important than yours. 

The two most important

thing in the world, 

Which I can’t leave without, 

First family and second love. 

If you love someone, 

Set them free. 

If they came back, 

They will be yours forever. 

If they don’t, 

They were not yours. 

If there is love, 

There is forgiveness. 

If there is no forgiveness, 

Then there is no love.  

love quotes for her

A successful marriage requires, 

Falling in love every time, 

With the same person every time. 

A flower cannot blossom

without sunshine, 

I cannot leave without your love. 

Darkness cannot

drive out darkness, 

Only light can do it. 

Hate cannot drive out hate, 

Only love can do it. 

We born alone, 

Live alone, 

Die alone. 

Only love that we create, 

Gives us the illusion for a moment, 

That we are, 

Not alone. 

True love stories never have endings. 

It is better to be unhappy alone, 

Then unhappy with someone. 

We love the things, 

We love for what they are!!

To be brave is to love unconditionally

without expecting anything in return.

Don’t marry someone, 

That you cannot live with. 

Marry someone, 

That you cannot live without. 

Love is a promise, 

Love is a memory, 

Once given, 

Never forgotten. 

Never let it disappear. 

A book without a word is empty, 

Like a love without a kiss. 

It’s empty.  

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